Tredé is an award-winning product design studio that specializes in 3D printing applications and digital fabrication.


3D printing in-house empowers us with an intrinsic advantage, the capacity to quickly prototype and iterative every step of our product design process. 


We use both industry-standard software for 3d modeling and innovative parametric and algorithm-based modelers.



We specialized in 3d printing among other digital fabrication technologies to better bring your ideas to life. 


From product conceptualization, developing, design and manufacturing with digital fabrication technologies, Tredé can turn your ideas into tangible solutions. We have effectively developed 3d printed products currently available not only in the Puerto Rican market but also in the United States and England and winners of design awards in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires and London.

Tredé is the sole leader of 3d printing innovation in Puerto Rico. We're doers, not speculators, Tredé have successful projects in industries such as engineering, design, art, advertising, education and medicine. Our accolades includes:

  • Puerto Rico's first 3d printed product sold in-stores.
  • Developed Puerto Rico's first 3d printed jewelry, Keznr.
  • Local and international design award winners. 
  • Experimental material beta testers.
  • Dendritas won Selección Grupo Guayacán 2015 Award in BOOM Fair.
  • Local and international 3d printing speakers including TEDx, MIT's Fab 15 and Nicaragua Diseña. 
  • Organized Puerto Rico's first 3d printing event.
  • Organized Puerto Rico's first designathon 3d printing competition.

What also sets up apart from the rest is our extensive R+D in hacking 3d printing processes and working with experimental materials. 

Our clients portfolio includes:

J. Walter Thompson | GFR Media | Bacardí | Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust | University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus | Arecibo Space Observatory | Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico | Engine 4 | Keznr | LAB787 | Piloto 151 | Coleman Davis Pagán Arquitectos | Rubberband design studio | Torio, LLC | Inbify | Arte_fits Foundation



Additive manufacturing: 3d printing fabrication with FFF and SLA technology in-house. We also outsource fabrication in a variety of materials and processes such as 3d printing in metal-alloys, precious metals, ceramics and full-color through our partners.

Design services: 3d printing allow us to quickly prototype, test and iterate our designs. This advantage puts us one step ahead of the competition.

3D modeling / CAD services: don't have a 3d model for fabrication? No problem, we can model it for you.

Digital fabrication consultancy: we're not only experienced with 3d printing, digital fabrication also. Come with your idea and consult us on how 3d printing can help you.

Training / workshops: we offer 3d modeling / 3d printing workshops and personalized training. 

R + D: the applicable possibilities of 3d printing are endless. We're open to experimentation and collaboration to push ideas into 3d printing fabrication even further. Contact us.



Vicente Gascó

Founder / Managing Director

With a background in Architecture and Digital Fabrication, Vicente quickly became recognized as a 3d printing pioneer by Puerto Rican media. Apart from founding Tredé, he's 3D Hubs 3d printing community mayor for Puerto Rico, 3d printing professor in Atlantic University College, TEDx speaker and product design and development mentor for several local entrepreneurship initiatives.

María Laura Martínez

Design & Fabrication Manager

Self-taught professional on skills such as product design, digital fabrication and 3d printing processes with a background in English Literature. Founder of Puerto Rico's first 3d printed jewelry Keznr with which has won design awards in London and has been invited to showcase her work in Barcelona. María Laura is also a consultant on 3d printing educational initiatives.

+ a network of collaborators




Engine 4 Office #1
Carretera #5 Industrial Luchetti 204
(CGTC building second floor)
Bayamón, PR 00961-7423

Phone: (939) 292-9169